Turnkey Business Radio Service

 We do all the work. Your business gets all the attention!

Are you the owner or operator of a retail store or business?

Let’s say you run a chain of grocery stores and you need a new and unique way to get to a special audience. Music and Radio Streaming Applications tailored to your brand have the ability to reach those folks who ignore regular  Newspapers, Radio and TV. Not only will you be able to use the apps and the Mac and PC player to transmit your adds and messages to a targeted audience, you also can offer coupons, links and services. The apps and players have the unique ability to offer specific links set for products or services you need to feature. You are also able to offer Podcasts within the apps and player that feature your products, information or services. Of course, this is a radio station so you have full control over any audio content. You also control the banner ads on both the apps and players. Use your own banner advertisements or combine with SecureNetSystems exclusive cookie based ad system to earn extra revenue.

What if I run a vacation resort?

We are your sales and fill solution. We will build you a unique, specific app and player that will be available worldwide through cellular and internet services. Let those vacationers know who and where you are as well as what you have happening at your location. Should you have extra camping sites or hotel rooms simply send us an email and we will get it “on the air”. This lets those folks looking for lodging or fun find you and discover what is special about your resort. Keep everyone up to date regarding your events and specials.

What if I want to promote my Nightclub?

Great! That’s what we do! We can set up your D.J. booth or stage for live “on air” broadcast. Run an automated stream all week or all day promoting your club or venue. Then “go live” and jam your music through the internet to the world!

We run a hospital, what can you do for us?

Hospitals and health care are a specialty of ours. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart, Mental Health and any other need can be addressed through individual streams in one app and player. Think of it this way; each health issue could be assigned its own ‘station’ on the same app. One app and player with numerous streams to address health issues. Mix health related programming with appropriate music and you have the prescription for patient success. Streams can be password protected for “on air” groups or meetings. This helps shut-ins or those who cannot travel to your facility.

I run an agricultural company, there is probably nothing we can use.

Actually agriculture and farming are one of the fastest growing users of internet broadcasting. Farmers working in the barns and fields often are too rural to hear the kind of programming they need. Aside from good music, specific agriculture shows tailored to the listeners need are quite easy to set up. Tell your implement or seed customers about your latest product. Include other companies that you work with to increase revenue on your ag station. Send us content and we schedule it and put it “on the air”. Engage those who would normally purchase from your competition and convince them using your programming to buy your products and services.

Last but not least, SCHOOLS!

Dyersville New Media will provide special quotes for non-profit or not for profit schools. We can set up your apps for broadcasting classes and/or any other scholastic requirement. Lecture and classes can be recorded and placed on the Podcast section of the apps and players for on demand use. Let your students review their studies by listening. The Podcast and Live app and player run 24/7 giving the modern student a chance to work on their schedule.

For Profit Schools can also benefit,

DNM will help your college or school put together a great station that plays the music your students want to hear as well as all the above mentioned abilities. Our apps offer a push notification that will alert your students to active trouble as well as any civic or school activity!

We can literally build any business, company or service a radio station.

 Hardly anyone listens to AM or FM radio anymore. According to the National Association of Broadcasters own statistics internet app radio will overtake terrestrial AM and FM by 2018. Most people listen to radio in their car. When they do listen people change stations as soon as they hear a commercial. When you run the station your consumers will come first and as you offer promotion and programming more and more folks listen. Target the audience you want!

As part of the Turnkey operation Dyersville New Media handles all PRO accounting.

Radio stations must pay for musical royalty rights. This is an expense that cannot be avoided if your station plays music. There are down payment or up front fees, we account and keep track of all musical accounting each month. We then report the activity to the PROs as required by law. Feel free to ask about musical accounting so we may explain further.

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