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Video For Corporate Social Media

Our Examples Demonstrate Versatility

Dyersville New Media, in association with The Gunter Agency, produces short one to three minute videos for Business Social Media, Television and Website use. Our services are inexpensive, quick and concise. We won’t eat up your whole business day with a major production. Our people conduct interviews as instructed, shoot “B” roll images for the video, pack up quietly and swiftly. We often have your edited finished product within 48 hours.

Take a look at these interesting examples below produced by The Gunter Agency:


Business Uses;

Advertisements, Business Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Television, Twitter and of course the company Website.

Board Meeting Topics, Events, Hiring and Recruiting, Human Resources, Inventory Awareness, Safety and Security and most of all Recruiting.

Personal Uses;

Criminal Defense, Documentaries, Events, Family History Interviews, Parties, Personal Facebook and Social Media.

Our Rates;  – Special Offer –

Three one minute videos or one three minute video edited, one or two hours site time,     $1,200.00

Look at the statistics on video use, click here!


Chris Siehr – – 563-875-8299 for more information.