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The Images Below are specifically intended for Cirrus – Secure Net Systems Apps & Player.

These images are owned and licensed for specific use by Dyersville New Media. They are sold expressly and only for use with the FREE APPS and PLAYERS supplied by Cirrus – Secure Net Systems. The below images are sold as “collections.” Each collection contains 10 images. Collections are sold for $99.00 SPECIAL NOW $9.99 (US Dollars). Collections will not be “broken up” or sold image by image. Purchases will be conducted through PayPal by email. Simply email and request the collection number. Support will send you an invoice from Dyersville New Media through PayPal. Once paid Dyersville New Media will email your collection to the paid address using a zip file. These images may not be used for any other purpose such as web sites or posters.

Before we send you images they will be resized to fit the Apps and Players. All you will need to do is insert them in your control panel under Desktop Player and Mobile Apps.

The resale of these images is a violation of Federal Copyright Law. We have great Attorneys!!