Music Licensing


Musicians should get paid for their music. By law broadcast stations must pay their fees. Below you will find the web sites for each PRO. Next to the web site address is the email for the person in charge of internet streaming for each agency. Please do not bother these people. They are all very kind and interested in our benefit. They are quite busy. In most cases you will not need to contact them as their web presence is sufficient to get you on the air.

A.S.C.A.P.              Adam Bauer


B.M.I.   Molly Thompson


S.E.S.A.C.          Nathaniel Williams


Sound Exchange



KNOW THIS! IF YOU PAY A THIRD PARTY ROYALTY COMPANY YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!  Keep track of your own ATH, Royalties as well as Statistics with SecureNet Systems easy control panel. Each month or reporting period is quick and painless. Let us show you how. You will be surprised! Do not throw away money on someone else’s business plan.

Question: Exactly what is the advantage of your stream being part of a licensing “company” on an app with 100 other stations?

Answer: There is no benefit. You can get that from If you truly want listeners get your own app and player. A real app, not some HTML5 script. The truth is HTML5 while nice is not “cross operating system compatible”. Many older Samsung brands and LG models do not play HTML5. Older devices and older versions of iOS and Android also do not work well with HTML5. SecureNet Systems will construct a legal app for your station in both the Apple iOs and Google Android environments. This app can be customized for your stream and supports a 256 character push notification system. The SecureNet Systems Desktop player is available in a number of styles and can be easily monetized to get your station earning right away.

SecureNet Systems helps you with ads!  Both on the player and the apps, YOU control the ads seen on the player and your apps. You make the money, not some server company. Use banner ads that you sell or use ads provided by SecureNet. This is important if you want to function as a business. Yet, even as a hobby we have a better option!

SecureNetSystems will also help you monetize your website using banners from AdNet. Check out their links at the bottom of each page.


Royalty Free Programming;

The websites below are a small list of the services we have used for Royalty Free music and programming. Please check each site for the licensing requirements. Remember, any political address or speech  is in public domain.


Music Resources (free downloads – royalty fees required);


Radio Station Music Services, Independent Labels (PRO licensing and approval required)


Radio Station Music Service, Major Labels (PRO licensing and approval required)


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