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Our Cirrus® Player can be the Most Important tool for you to use to Grow your membership and Value at your Chamber of Commerce, City Council or Community Organization in the world.

We give you the technology, features and applications to help you provide more value to your members and give you the Opportunity to Make your Business Network more successful.

Dyersville New Media is here to help Chamber of Commerce bridge the gap over to new technology and tools, so you can take your Chamber to new higher levels. By using the Cirrus® player and free web apps, you can target the smart phone and tablet market and promote your members businesses anywhere you want.

  Dyersville New Media will help your Chamber or Organization   develop the tools needed to build a stronger membership and value.  Our unique system will attract new business and tourism as well as promote the Chamber or Organization.

Advertise Chamber businesses, Create unique programming based on Chamber issues, go LIVE at Chamber events or meetings.

Attract Tourism from everywhere! Where ever there is an internet connection prospective clients and visitors can listen and learn about what your community has to offer.

Chambers and Organization are able to connect to their Social Networking and start interacting with their members.

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Click Here For Our Demonstration PC & Mac Player.



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